Vicki Forman,

who writes the Special Needs Mama column for Literary Mama, has also written a review for them called “Unprepared: A Review of Road Map to Holland.” 

Vicki was a helpful, encouraging, consistent source of support while I was writing the book (she sent me walnuts–my favorites!–as a reward when the work was moving right along, and candles to light my way, when I stalled-out; these are just a few examples of her kindness).  Hers is one of the opinions that matters most to me.

So when she emailed telling me the review was up, I thought, Oh, oh, I’m too tired for this.  I’ll read it tomorrow. But then curiosity got the best of me, and I stayed up much too late, reading with tears in my eyes. 

In her review, she writes about the new ACOG guidelines and why all women and children and families are affected by them (which can be a confusing topic) in a clear, honest and open way.  Vicki has a gift for that:  speaking about complicated, emotional topics in such a way that people feel open to discussing them.  She brought her gift to this discussion, and has given us a way to begin the dialog.

I wish I had a bigger word than thank you, but it’s all I have.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Vicki Forman,

  1. i love the love!! i feel it! it’s vibrating off both your and vicki’s site!

    well deserved love. and praise.

    listen. 8 years ago, if my amnio had come back with down syndrome, i very well may have had an abortion. i am saying this even though i know i am putting myself out there. i thought i could guard against something being ‘wrong’ with my child. i was over 40 and didn’t think i’d have the stamina for a special needs child.

    i longed for another child for years and years, a bigger family, a louder house, a sibling for fluffy, more love. it never happened but you can be sure that had i been lucky enough to get pregnant again, i would have forgone the amnio entirely.

  2. Oh shucks. Now I’m crying. This world is a beautiful place to have such wonderful friendships inside it. Call me grateful.

    And hey, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen my name as an actual blog title. That’s a first. Wow.

  3. I just finished reading Vicki’s review, and no, I can’t imagine a world without the boy or the book.

    I think you’ve done a brave and wonderful thing here, and I have no doubt that your writing is going to touch and inspire many, Jennifer.

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