My own private applesauce

Does anyone remember the song with the lyrics, “Mama said there’d be days like this…”?  I write about such a day–slow-moving and full of challenges, but also opportunity–this week at ParentDish.


5 thoughts on “My own private applesauce

  1. Jennifer, Darling of Our Hearts,

    We’re trying to figure out when THE BOOK will be out, and then be here (We pre-ordered it from, but I have to say: OH MY GOSH JENN,
    you received the most INCREDIBLE reviews! Already!!
    Did you read what Kim Edwards wrote? And the language — your wisdom, searing candor, depth of
    insight…eek, eek, eek! I have beenaround writers long enough to know that NO ONE gets comments like this. It’s just a SHINING testament — and, of course,
    your true audience of parents who really,really need to read this book is yet to come. Imagine having
    your life validated for its courage and compassion, right out there!!
    Gail Godwin once told me not to go to other writers
    for judgment of one’s work because, face it, they are
    sometimes your competitors. And not always kind.
    (Gail Godwin was more than kind to me, raving about
    maturity, stylistic grace, and most of all having a subject to write about other than just that of the writer’s life– as she had. Talk about a generous soul).
    We can’t wait,can’t wait! Love you so much,
    Aunt Lordy and Sara

  2. Don’t know if this actually went through on the PD site (I never got the email to cofirm)…

    Wonderful analogy to the rubber band. There are days when we are all togeter for too long that I feel strethed to the limit; just when I think we are at the breaking point, something happens to ease the tension and we snap back to the form I know so well.

    I had to laugh at the title…the first thing that came to mind was the old song “Private Idaho” and I wondered where on Earth you might be taking us. LOL

    Wish I could bottle some of our early spring weather and send it your way. Once the weather warms up and you can open up the house you’ll be able to get rid of the smell in the kitchen. Sounds like it’s just been sitting, unloved, for too long.

  3. Have you tried scrubbing the kitchen walls with Pine-Sol? And when I write scrubbing I mean scrubbing.

    I have a friend who bought an old house. It was a beautiful place, but the person who lived there for a million years smoked so the house smelled really, really bad. Even new paint couldn’t cover the odor. But the Pine-Sol scrub down worked wonders.

    Just wanted to pass along the tip. And say, too, that I enjoyed your post today.

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