Amy Anderson and Sheri Reed

are the co-founders and editors of (in addition to being mamas and teachers and writers and bloggers too).  Back when I first began exploring online writing, theirs was one of the first sites I loved. 

I remember sending an email, asking if I could write a column for them called “Off the Beaten Path.” My life seemed to have taken a detour since the birth of the twins–preemies, the NICU, special needs.  And it felt as if we were navigating it alone, mostly.  I didn’t know many parents like us, and I’d just begun what seemed like an uphill climb.  For me, the best way to make sense of it was to write about it.

Amy and Sheri replied with a warm, friendly “Welcome!”  I’d been used to my freelance writing, where everything I submitted underwent a long, sometimes brutal process of revision as it made its way through the different editors.  At, this never happened.  After each submission, what I got was encouragement and support.

And finally, one more story:  after reading all the good writing, all the links and the thoughtful posts, the shared experiences and the supportive comments at, I knew I’d found a special place when I saw the photo of a lovely vintage wicker purse, crammed full of diapers and wipes and Thomas the Tank Engine and a sippy cup–these women have a sense of humor, too.

(I’m thinking about all this because Sheri recently read Road Map to Holland and we talked about it here.)


3 thoughts on “Amy Anderson and Sheri Reed

  1. I read this early this morning (before the proverbial dam burst around here!) and didn’t get back to tell you how wonderful I thought the interview was.

    I so wish I lived close enough to have you come over for coffee and conversation!

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