A poem

Peeling Wallpaper

Here, the hot pink flowers,
shocking and obvious,
Look at us! Taking
your eyes from the solid
cast-iron tub, or the lilacs
just out the window.

geometric blobs
like plankton, or amoebae,
making me doubt myself,
only there’s no going back now.

Paint, too,
white then gray then a green
pale as the wings of may flies.

Deeper still,
nail holes and broken screws
scars filled with putty. 

I scrape and pull,
peel and strip,
shedding layers like old skins,
making way
for new ones.


5 thoughts on “A poem

  1. A wonderful look at renonvation. My husband is doing similar things to the house my parents just bought here in town. He just finished ripping out the bathroom and is putting it back together now. 🙂 We can relate. I have new dreams about how I’d like to remodel our bathroom someday now too…

  2. May your walls soon dance with a fresh coat of glorious paint, or whatever it is you are planning on covering them with.

  3. Ah, spring and the rebirth of all things…including bathrooms! Happy remodeling…and if you find any REALLY old newspaper that was used to fill holes and such…save it and share it with us! 🙂

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