Next week!

It’s almost here…my book’s release date.  Even as I write this, people are reading Road Map to Holland (Hi Kyra!  Hi Michelle!) in preparation for next week’s book blog tour, hosted by MotherTalk

I’ve never done a book blog tour, and aside from the few people who’ve contacted me on their own (Hi Nelba!), I don’t know who is reading my book, and who’ll be reviewing it.  It feels like a virtual surprise party, only without the streamers and the little bits of colored confetti and Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Celebration” playing in the background.

After all the waiting, and the worry, I’m ready.  Let the party begin!

12 thoughts on “Next week!

  1. I ordered your book from Barnes and Noble online and received it last Thursday. Sadly I only get to read at night after my kiddos go to bed. If it were up to me I would sit all day and read it. I LOVE IT!!! I found myself sobbing in the first chapter it brought back such vivid memories, it’s like our feelings were exactly the same (though I didn’t have 2 babies!) While I haven’t finished it, though surly I will by this week I am going to post about your book on my blog too!!! Thank you so much for writing this book!!!!

  2. Thank you, V. And terri, I emailed you…but yes, please join in! I will be linking things from here too, and just let me know when your post is up and I’ll include it. Thank you for joining in!

  3. I ran across your book yesterday and bought it immediately! It is beautiful.

    To be part of a blog tour can I just read it and write a review on my blog or do I have to do something ‘official’???

  4. I’ve been enjoying reading your book – it is on my night stand and I read it while I’m nursing Lucas before bed. Sometimes I stay up later than I should LOL I can identify with a lot of your feelings and thoughts too.

    I recently “met” another blogger who is doing this tour as well…let me know if you want the link to her blog.

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