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Cinnamon rolls

So the other day I just happened to mention that I’ve been eating all these fantastic cinnamon rolls, did you think I wouldn’t share?  This recipe is by far my most favorite:  it makes a lot of rolls (a good … Continue reading

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Ice cream in fancy dishes

It’s a Thursday!  Today’s ParentDish post features the bowls I bought at the thrift store; it also speaks to some of the complexities of being a parent in today’s world.

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“Road Map to Holland”

Kari from Chanelle and Tristan writes about being a single mom, and how, if her plans to stay at home until kindergarten begins are to work, she has to be careful with her money.  So, books are a treat, but … Continue reading

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“Road Map to Holland”

Christina of Kwisteena’s Kwaziness has been mom to Kallie for 9 years, but reading my book is reminding her of many of the feelings she had, in the beginning.  She writes, “I remember how I felt when people first started … Continue reading

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Goings-on at home

So for the past few weeks, most of the posts here at Pinwheels have been about my book.  As you can imagine, it’s a very big deal for me, having this project that I’ve been working on for nearly 3 … Continue reading

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“I Got it!!!”

Amy of The Flege Farm is reading Road Map to Holland.  She says it’s fascinating to her, because her feelings about her daughter’s diagnosis were much different.  She also has a story to share.  She writes, “Mayson was crawling around in … Continue reading

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“Road Map to Holland–Buy it!”

Stephanie of Megan’s Got 47 writes about living my life in her own life, like finding herself shopping for a roasted chicken (to make the recipe in the book), but avoiding the bakery section, just in case.  She’s enjoying the … Continue reading

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Calling all Divas…

Do you love the music of Abba?  Do you know about the smash hit musical, Mamma Mia?  If your answer to either question is yes, then head over to for the “40+ and Fabulous: The Search for Dynamos” contest.  The prize:  … Continue reading

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“Too Much Loveliness”

Francine of 2 Pirates and a Princess writes about her prenatal diagnosis, and her early acceptance of her child’s Down syndrome.  She didn’t have the fear or doubt I had, but instead was able to see right to the beauty in what lay ahead.  … Continue reading

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The yelling house

We have a new addition to the family!  I write about him this week at ParentDish.

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“Letting Go”

Jordan of The Wonder Wheel has written about her experience with my book from the perspective of a pediatric therapist, and a mother.  My words brought back memories of her own pregnancies, especially prenatal testing for her son Baxter.  She says, “I remember … Continue reading

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More to say

Blog book reviews of Road Map to Holland are still trickling in, and if you want to write about your experience with my book, I’ll include it here and add your post to the list of permalinks at MotherTalk, too.  Karen of and … Continue reading

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MotherTalk Friday

It’s the last day of the official MotherTalk book blog tour.  When it began two weeks ago, I likened it to a virtual party, which turned out to be a good way to think of it:  I reconnected with old friends, and made … Continue reading

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MotherTalk Thursday

Today’s News I just learned that Monday, Melissa Riggio passed away after a brave battle with AML.  I never knew Melissa, but like so many, felt that she had a place in my family.  She was a daughter, a sister, … Continue reading

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MotherTalk Wednesday

  Gretchen Josephson is a writer and a poet who also happens to have Down syndrome.  Her new book, Bus Girl, is a collection of poems that document her life as she grows in independence, works at the Denver Dry … Continue reading

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