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The Blog Book Tour continues through this week: To read more, go to MotherTalk (and if you want to be a part of it, create a blog post of your own and send me the link! I’ll feature it here at Pinwheels, and on the blog-count page that has a permanent link to MotherTalk.)

Today’s Reviews

Kyra of This Mom writes about the landscape, and how my home and its surroundings become part of the story.  She writes about love, too:  the things she loves about the book, including the love between the twins, and my oldest son Carter’s love for his brothers, and the love of family and old friends and new friends.  She writes, “That’s what the story is for me: a love story of longing and forgiveness. A woman yearns for something–one more child, and out of that comes a tumble of events that she could not have imagined and cannot control, twins, premature delivery, Down syndrome. We all have experiences like that, innocently picking a flower and falling into the hole that opens up in its place. Like anything transformative, we temporarily lose our way. If we’re lucky, we emerge with stronger spirits and the ability to forgive ourselves for anything that delayed our reunion with what somewhere, we always knew to be true.”

Angela of Eclectic Recovery recalls our very first meeting of the Wildhorse Writer’s Group, which is the circle of writers that helped nurture my book through all its different phases.  She writes, “I think everyone in our writer’s group is as proud as if it were our own book – which Jennifer would probably tell you in a way it is.” 

Jessica of Raising Joey had a prenatal diagnosis with her son, but despite this difference in our stories, she could relate to many parts of my experience.  She writes, “I’ve known for a while that [Jennifer] had been working on her book and it finally came out and I’ve been reading it every extra minute I have! I’m halfway through the book and don’t want to put in down!”

Kristen of From here to there and back writes about family, and how my memories of my father and mother make her think of her own.  She quotes, “A single silver thread holds us together, the thread of memory.”

Katrina of Stone Soup has a book give-away contest, to win a copy of Roadmap to Holland go to her site and enter by noon, Sunday.


One thought on “More MotherTalk Blog Book Tour

  1. I went and bought my book today! Gonna start it tonight! I told them they needed to put it out in the was in the back of the store in the special needs section at Barnes and Noble.

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