Tuesday’s MotherTalk Blog Book Tour

Has all this talk about writing and books gotten you inspired?  A great way to begin is to write for anthologies.  That way, you’re not responsible for an entire book–you commit to creating one small part of it, which allows you the chance to get used to contracts, deadlines, copyediting and production with the guidance of the editor(s).  Here are 2 current opportunities (that I won’t be pursuing; I’ve said my bit–time for some new voices!):

Call for submissions for Cup of Comfort for Special Needs (the link takes you to The Writer Mama), deadline is September 15, 2008;

Call for submissions for My Baby Rides the Short Bus Book, deadline is May 15, 2008. 

Today is also a MotherTalk day!  The blog book tour continues through this week, and if you’d like to be a part of it, create a blog post of your own and send me the link.  I’ll feature it here at Pinwheels, and on the blog-count page (to the right) that has a permanent link to MotherTalk.

Today’s Reviews

Amy from Gift of Green appreciated the educational aspects of my book–my explanations of scientific and medical terms and my descriptions of the books, forums and other resources available to parents.  And she enjoyed the unfolding of my story, which she calls a love letter to my family.  She writes, “Some of the most moving parts of the book are [Groneberg’s] descriptions of moments of release: letting go, acceptance in increments, life going on.”

Clueless in Carolina writes about intelligence, and about the importance her family places on the life of the mind.  For this reason, she was curious about what my life with Avery would be like.  She appreciated my honesty, and writes, “It’s not a story with a big flashy ending, because it’s impossible to know what a 2 year old can do. Jennifer makes it clear though that she has worked through the initial angst and has found joy in her son, and confidence in his future, whatever it is.”

Jennifer Margulis of the Ashland Daily Tidings writes about my book’s cover, and says that the emotion evident in my face is enough to make even the stoutest heart soften.  She feels the book is well-written, and she says, “Groneberg’s honesty in acknowledging her myriad feelings about her son is nothing short of heroic.”


One thought on “Tuesday’s MotherTalk Blog Book Tour

  1. Oh, my dear, you *know* I am going to write something once I have finished your beautiful book. I find myself reading and stopping to reflect, re-reading, thinking again and so on.

    It’s like savoring a many-course meal of familiar foods prepared and served in slightly different ways and I am enjoying my repast tremendously!

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