MotherTalk Wednesday


Gretchen Josephson is a writer and a poet who also happens to have Down syndrome.  Her new book, Bus Girl, is a collection of poems that document her life as she grows in independence, works at the Denver Dry Goods store, loses her job, and tries to find her balance after the store closes.  (My thanks to Rebecca, for telling me about it.)

It’s another MotherTalk day!  The blog book tour for Road Map to Holland continues through this week.  If you’d like to be a part of it, create a blog post of your own and send me the link.  I’ll feature it here at Pinwheels, and on the blog-count page (to the right) that has a permanent link to MotherTalk.

Today’s Reviews

Michelle of DownBlogger writes about the circle of friendship, and about how in reaching out to others, we help ourselves too.  She responded in particular to the parts of my story where I experience forgiveness, and feels forgiveness is the gift we need to give each other, and ourselves.  She writes, “For any parent that has grown up spiritually and emotionally as a result of raising their children, and especially for any parent handed a baby in one hand and a genetic diagnosis in the other, [Road Map to Holland] is a Godsend. The Road Map leads to buried treasure. You find it when you least expect it, and it changes your life forever. “


One thought on “MotherTalk Wednesday

  1. Your most welcome. Three people I spoke with yesterday said it’s an amazing book, well worth the read.

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