MotherTalk Friday

It’s the last day of the official MotherTalk book blog tour. 

When it began two weeks ago, I likened it to a virtual party, which turned out to be a good way to think of it:  I reconnected with old friends, and made new ones.  A few people I’d hoped would come couldn’t make it, for one reason or another.  Like any party, there were the guests who arrived, criticised the food, and left early.  And despite all the planning, there were the inevitable mishaps along the way (I still don’t have my books!) and slight miscalculations (we ran out of dip, but we still have all these carrot sticks…)

As it comes to a close, I’m feeling that familiar happy/sad feeling that I get at the end of every big event in my life.  I’m tired and wound-up at the same time.  I’m grateful for the quiet, but even before the last guest leaves, I miss everyone.

Someone has done the dishes and put the garbage in bags.  Someone else has pinched out the candles and gathered them in the center of the table.  Another someone has straightened the couch cushions and stacked the leftover plastic cups and paper plates in the kitchen, to save for another time.

All this help; I couldn’t have done it without help. 

I’m thinking of the woman who taught herself to post an image on her blog, so that she could put up one of my book.  Or the women with new babies at home, who made time to read and write about my story.  Or the ones who read quickly, so they could pass my book to others.  The women who sent invitations and gave out books.  The ones who were shy, who read quietly and followed along; and the ones who carried the conversation, jumping in to add their thoughts and feelings and experiences. 

Thank you

And I’ll say what I whisper to each friend leaving my house:  Safe travels.  Be well.  Keep in touch.

Today’s Reviews

Cathy of Ethan and Lauren remembers a time from her own life, when she reached out to another mother of a child with Down syndrome, and how the experience was healing for her.  She feels Road Map to Holland is the same: one mother reaching out to another.  She writes, “This was one of those life-changing books for me, of which I can only count a few. I encourage everyone to read it, whether you have had a child with special needs or not. It is a beautiful story in its entirety, a testament that sorrow indeed carves out a greater space for happiness.”

Christine at Mothering by the Seat of My Pants is reading slowly, taking time to digest the details of my story, so that she can gain insight into her own.  She says, “It has been comforting, and at times cathartic to share in her journey, a journey that she shares with such refreshing honesty.”

So a Blonde Walks Into a Review shares how prenatal diagnosis touched her own family; while reading my book, her sister-in-law received the results of her prenatal screening.  She writes, “I wish every single woman who is faced with this possible diagnosis be given this book to read. It is honest, gripping, and raw, and a testimony to the boundless love a mother can have for her child.”  She related to me feeling as if I needed a mother’s support van, and notes that in a sense, my book is just such a thing. 

Reading my book brought Jessica of Loving Sophia back to her daughter’s baby days, and this time, she is able to savor the good memories.  She says, “That’s the great thing about memories, all of the negativity and unease kind of settles to the bottom like sediment and all the best parts rise to the surface.”  She related to the cover photo, and she too has felt similar emotions all at once.  She writes, “If you are a mom expecting a baby with Down syndrome, throw away all those black and white statistics the doctor gave you and instead read a true account of the realities of being touched by Down syndrome.”


20 thoughts on “MotherTalk Friday

  1. Thanks for bearing with me, killashandra. As you might imagine, this blog book tour has been the biggest thing going on around here, but the dust is beginning to settle, so to speak, and rest assured things will be returning to our own version of normal, very soon…

  2. I missed the tour! I couldn’t seem to get myself together as I juggle the new addition. But I can’t wait to read it and post about! It will be a one-stop second blog tour!

    I’m so thrilled for you and all your wonderful reviews!

  3. I’ve enjoyed so much reading the reviews and being a part of this virtual party. I’m still waiting for my copy of the book to arrive though. One sad thing about living down here in Southern Africa is that shipping a book via Amazon can take up to six weeks, despite pre-ordering it yonks ago…. Oh well, it just means that I’ll enjoy the book all the more when I get it. Off to watch the mailbox…

  4. No way!! The party is just getting started, girl!!!!! Believe me!!! And THANK YOU for your wonderful stories and friendship!! hugs!

  5. Great party Jennifer. You know one of the things that I really appreciated as I read your book was your attention to detail, the significant moments described so vividly, the way you seemed to absorb everything. It helped me as I reflected on Wil’s birth and the months to follow (I became pregnant with our third when Wil was 9 mos., it was a high risk pregnancy that also required NICU time, blood transfusions and more) I have described those couple years as a blur to many and felt sorry that I didn’t document more of the details, the little moments that changed me and James, etc. But reading your story really stirred those memories in me and reminded me of so many things that I didn’t know were still tucked away. So I thank you for that! and wish you and all your boys well.

  6. Thanks for letting me come to your party! I had a fabulous time and the food was delicious. 🙂 I feel like I’ve made a new friend after reading your book so I will definitely keep in touch!

  7. I enjoyed the heck out of your book and will continue to follow your story. Thanks for visiting my blog,too!!


    clueless in carolina

  8. Just wanted to say I loved your book. I was sad when it was over. My daughter Hannah just turned 2 on Valentines Day and I have been wanting to write about my experience but just couldn’t find the time. When reading your story there were so many details that I could relate to and you are such a great writer that the book was a true pleasure to read. I hope that you write another book about the next few years!

  9. Just picked up my copy of your book at B&N. I was pleased not to have to take the last copy so someone else would not miss out…one was left. I can not wait to sit with a glass of wine and begin this wonderul journey! Thank you Jennifer fo writing your story and sharing with everyone!

  10. thank you so much for inviting us all along for the party! I’ve enjoyed reading (most!) of the reviews (and will bite my tongue on a few party poopers!) and your recaps of the interesting stories you had while the book was in the works. You should be proud Jennifer, you wrote a wonderful story that so many can identify with and will help so many just beginning this journey. Here’s a toast to you!

  11. I thought I would have had the book done by now, but I must admit, it has moved me so that I have needed to stop and take pause. I didn’t want the week to end without acknowledging the book’s publication. Here’s the link:

    Congratulations again, and I have to agree with those that commented above. This is only the beginning of your party.

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    I finally wrote my review. I am so sorry that it took me so long. Here is the link:

    Thank you again for giving of yourself and your story like this, for laying it all out there. You have no idea how many countless lives you have and will continue to change in so doing.

  13. If by “real party” you mean catching up on laundry, cleaning the house, planting day lily bulbs and stacking firewood…then you’re right! Let the real party begin! 😉

  14. I feel like I’ve been a wallflower at this particular party but I have enjoyed it immensely. And Kristen is right, I think your real party is just getting started. 🙂

  15. Jennifer, you are a lovely and talented hostess. I couldn’t be happier for your success. You say the party is over, but I have a feeling it’s just getting started…

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