More to say

Blog book reviews of Road Map to Holland are still trickling in, and if you want to write about your experience with my book, I’ll include it here and add your post to the list of permalinks at MotherTalk, too. 

Karen of and some other stuff didn’t expect to be able to relate to so much of my story, because her son’s diagnosis (SPD) is not Down syndrome.  She says she is accustomed to feeling isolated from other mothers, but that in reading my book, she was surprised by our connection.  She writes, “I didn’t expect [Jennifer’s] honesty to resonate so loud in my heart – the anger & frustration I’m feeling now all rose up as she recounted her own journey into mothering Avery. The shifting of expectations – not wanting to expect too much, nor too little – having no guarantees of future success – living with all the uncertainty and yet doing everything you can for your kid, because that’s what mothering is – all this left me feeling breathless.”

And my book is out and about in the world… Jordan of The Wonder Wheel took Road Map to Holland along with her on her fabulous vacation to NYC, and Michelle of The Zoromski Chronicles is reading while she awaits test results for her oldest daughter Karly to begin her 6th and final round of chemo.  Michelle is also mama to Braden and identical twins Ruby and Lydia (Lydia died shortly after birth of unknown causes.) 


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