“Road Map to Holland–Buy it!”

Stephanie of Megan’s Got 47 writes about living my life in her own life, like finding herself shopping for a roasted chicken (to make the recipe in the book), but avoiding the bakery section, just in case.  She’s enjoying the sensory experiences of reading, too, like the new-book smell, and holding a book in your hands, one that you feel connected to.  She says, “It is almost like having a diary for myself. It reminds me of my journey with Megan and it is refreshing to actually read the words that I only ever thought in my head.”


3 thoughts on ““Road Map to Holland–Buy it!”

  1. I’ve been reading the reviews here. I knew all would be fabulous and touching. I’m only sorry I’ve been out of touch and did not participate in your book blog tour.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your son and your heart.

  2. Thanks for writing this book (Road Map to Holland). What a way to advocate for our children. I am towards the end, have laughed, cried, and nodded along with your experiences. Thank you!
    Kari Bridges

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