“Road Map to Holland”

Kari from Chanelle and Tristan writes about being a single mom, and how, if her plans to stay at home until kindergarten begins are to work, she has to be careful with her money.  So, books are a treat, but this week, she spurged.  One of the books she bought was mine.  She writes, “The 2 years following those five teeny tiny little words that changed my life forever, ‘Your Son has Down Syndrome.’ The first two years that I would learn how to stand up to Health Care Professionals that have forgotten that the patients even the ones with Down Syndrome are humans first. Having to say Farewell to treasured friendships because they ‘can’t handle us.’ Right Down to tearing up photos because they revealed a side of Tristan that I didn’t want others to see in case they may judge him by his differences. I Loved this book, it brought back some of the bitter sweet and sometimes painful memories and I really loved knowing that I am not alone on this Journey in Holland.”


4 thoughts on ““Road Map to Holland”

  1. I just found your book in the mall today. I was so surprised to see you finished it and got it to the shelves. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, you’re far from alone! Thank you for giving a voice to many of the emotions some of us fall short of conveying! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book, if it’s half as good as your blog, I know I’ll enjoy it!

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