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“Book Review-Road Map to Holland”

Sue from My Party of 6 is a past and future librarian and mom to 4, including a child with Turner syndrome. In her review of my book, she writes, “And I can relate to so many of the emotions … Continue reading

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Stumble, fall, get back up again

The gray cloud of unhappiness has settled in around our little house, mostly because of the rain that I was calling (last week) welcome and beautiful that I am now calling (this week) crazy-making and relentless.  And guess what?  I … Continue reading

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A conversation about writing with Vicki Forman

Suzanne Kamata’s new book, Love You to Pieces:  Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs (Beacon Press) was released this month.  It’s a collection of poems, short stories, essays and excerpts from larger works–some of the writing has … Continue reading

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Super Heroes

There’s a new Special Needs Mama column up at Literary Mama called “Special Needs Action Hero.” Which got me thinking about the Super Powers I wish I had–all the usual ones, like Super Strength and Super Speed and maybe extra … Continue reading

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An editor’s take on the publishing industry

Here’s a thoughtful look at current trends in publishing from an editor’s point of view; the post is called, “Less is More.”

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More Road Map!

JRS of ReJenerationS says to her readers, family and friends, “If you really love me you will go out and buy Jennifer Graf Groneberg’s new book Road Map to Holland. I was planning on doing a post about this book. … Continue reading

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“At Home with Down Syndrome”

I love this essay!  Caitrin Nicol of The New Atlantis writes about everything from Italian Renaissance paintings to Sesame Street, discussing prenatal testing and abortion along the way.  (Her essay came to my attention because she includes, in her wide scope of … Continue reading

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Smells like summer

Did Memorial Day sneak up on you, like it did me?  I write about memory, and the passing of time, and the opening of grilling season this week at ParentDish. Have a great weekend!

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“Road Map to Holland”

Pam of Rhett’s Journey encouraged her library to order the book; it just came in and she read it quickly.  Pam and Andy are parents to one of the children I know with serious medical challenges.  For a long while, … Continue reading

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Avery made a joke

In the kitchen this morning, Avery signed, thrirsty.  I asked, “Juice, or milk?”  He pointed to the coffee maker.  Thinking he misunderstood me, I repeated his choices.  “Juice or milk??” Again, he pointed to the coffee maker.  I looked at … Continue reading

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“Road Maps”

Christy Everett of Following Elias writes about 3 images she holds in her mind’s eye: one is the scene from Forest Gump where he begins to run; another is a scene from the movie Ray, just after a young Ray … Continue reading

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6 words

6 seems to be a recurring theme with me lately; first, my 6 impossible things, and now, this challenge from Niksmom: describe your life in 6 words, then tag 6 others.  Here’s my 6: Living loving laughing life is rich. … Continue reading

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“Road Map to Holland”

Kate from Mother Words: Mothers Who Write read my book and was reminded of her own time in the NICU.  She says, “Road Map to Holland is certainly is a must-read for all parents whose children have Down syndrome, but … Continue reading

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Believing in the impossible

I could fill a whole category with posts about what my children have taught me; about how they show me the way, as often as I show them.  This week’s ParentDish column is like that.  And it involves fish.

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“Road Map to Holland”

Mom24 of 4everMom is mom to 4 kids, ages 5 to adult, and she’s also a grandma.  She writes, “I remember when I was pregnant with number 4, we refused, with my doctor’s blessings, prenatal testing. However, I was the dreaded … Continue reading

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