“The Road Worth Taking”

Niksmom of Maternal Instincts…Flying By the Seat of My Pants writes about knowing me through my husband Tom’s books, and through blogging, even before reading Road Map to Holland.  But when she picked up her copy of the book, something unexpected happened: she was brought back to her own memories, her own beginnings as Nik’s mom.  She says, “I found it very difficult to read the first few chapters of this book. The story itself wasn’t the challenge —I know how it turns out (so far, anyway); the difficulty was the memories it evoked of my own experience after the birth of my son at 27 weeks and our subsequent 209 day stay in the NICU. At each turn of the page, I found such viscerally painful memories startling me that I could only read small bits at a time.” 

But she continued reading, and found new insight:  “I have the camaraderie and sisterhood of other blogging mamas —Jennifer among them— to help me understand that all is not lost in the moments when I am certain it must be; that I am not alone and I do not have to be. That life not only goes on but can be beautiful, funny, and richly rewarding. The connection is a blessing —a lifeline when I feel at risk of drowning.  I wish I’d had the benefit of another woman’s understanding and wisdom in those early days after Nik was born; another woman’s healing and acceptance, and another woman’s compassionate permission to feel the grief and fear and anger I felt but had no where to direct. Jennifer’s story really is, I think, the story of Everywoman who has walked in similar shoes.”


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