“A Road Map to Some Place Else”

Melody from Slurping Life felt much the same way that Niksmom did about reading Road Map to Holland:  she was reminded of her own time in the NICU, and her own beginnings, with each of her 4 children.  She writes, “The past week has been dotted with moments of my trying to decide what to write…other than ‘read this now if you are a mom’.  Sure, it is a book written by a mom of a special  needs child, but her words resonate with all moms.  Words of reality…words of frustration…words of love…read them.  I keep thinking perhaps it is because of time spent in NICU with our oldest son…or the special needs diagnoses times three of our younger sons which my husband and I have faced and that exhaust us…but no.  It is simply Jennifer’s honest words about the moments of fear and uncertainty of motherhood.”


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