“Road Map”

While reading my book, Trisomymommy related to my feelings of powerlessness in the NICU and the chart full of minuses.  She also writes about the book’s title:  “Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘Welcome to Holland’ thing.  It’s nice and all, but it all seems too tidy to me.  Or maybe it’s just that I received so many copies of it when B was born that it quickly came to feel clichéd.  Or maybe I just resisted the pressure to feel comforted by it because I’m ornery that way. Whatever.  I love that Road Map to Holland is not so blithe.  Although it is painfully raw at times, I think that as a new mom, I would have taken more comfort in it than in its namesake.”


One thought on ““Road Map”

  1. I picked your book up today, and I have been litterally unable to put it down. I do not have a child with down syndrome, but your story could be anyone’s. You have such a way of communicating that is so compelling. Who knows what is in my future, my families’ future, or my friends’ futures. I know that my life will have been enriched for having read your story. Thank you.

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