Behind-er and behind-er

I keep thinking that this is the week I will get all caught up–I’ll wash the laundry and fold it too and put it away; the grocery shopping will be accomplished (did I say Accomplished?  Yes, because that’s what it feels like when you have to drive 45 min. each way to a tiny store where sometimes there is no bread, or only skim milk, and where, if 2 people meet in the same aisle, someone has to back out); the house will be swept and the wood bin filled (we’re still burning wood, folks!  This is Montana, land of the May snow!) and of course, the emails.  Every last email will be answered, every one of you kind souls who has written to share with me your thoughts, your lives, your hearts.  I will answer them all, I promise.

But since this isn’t the week I’m all caught up afterall (maybe it’s next week?), I’ll share with you the big new developments chez Groneberg:  1) all the boys got haircuts, and 2) the funky, in all senses of the word, red toilet seat with the cartoon of the owl winking at you has been replaced with a plain white one. 

If these aren’t signs of growth and progress, what are?


8 thoughts on “Behind-er and behind-er

  1. Hi! I heard about your book through blogland, and I purchased it last week. I am halfway through it. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I am enjoying it. It is so beautifully written! My five year old daughter has Down syndrome, so I am relating to so much of what you write. Stop by and visit my blog sometime and if you don’t mind I would like to put you on my blogroll.

  2. p.s. did you add a little add-on that makes those little quilt patterns beside the comments? If so, did you do it all by yourself? If so, I’m impressed. 🙂

    They look gorgeous. you will have to tell me where you found them.


  3. I think you are amazing even when you are running in survival mode. Being without bread and skim milk…awful. Maybe one of those grocery delivery services will come out your way????

    love, love, love, sending you all my love

  4. Laundry isn’t going anywhere – amazingly it will still all be there (and maybe have even multiplied) when you have time to get to it 🙂

    Love that you got a new toilet seat, although the old one sounds pretty dang entertaining 🙂

  5. Yeah, Give yourself a break!
    If it makes you feel better, when I grow up I want to be you! 😉
    I always read your blog for inspiration, insight and intelligent writing and you never disappoint!

  6. Aw, honey, give yourself a break! You’ve been a might busy…and then under the weather, too. I think the replacement toilet seat is MAJOR. I think I’d get the willies every time I had to see that owl looking at me…not that i don’t like owls; I do. Just not when I’m in the bathroom!

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