6 impossible things

The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland has a line that goes like this: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  Which is exactly how I feel most days; and sometimes, not only do I believe 6 impossible things, 6 impossible things happen to me, too.

These are my most recent 6:  I’m going to Boston in July for the NDSC Conference, where Kathy Soper and I will give a presentation called “New Parent’s Survival Guide”; Penguin has agreed to provide 100 free copies of my book for me to give away at the conference; a week later, I’m going to San Franscisco for BlogHer ’08, to speak on a panel with esteemed bloggers such as Susan Etlinger, Shannon Des Roces Rosa aka Squid Rosenberg, Kristina Chew, and Vicki Forman (go here for a contest with many prizes, including an all-expense trip to BlogHer ’08); my one year anniversary came and went at ParentDish–I’ve written 102 posts and more than 64,000 words there; my author books finally arrived; and Avery said “hot cocoa.”

Amazing.  Thank you for being a part of it, my blogging friends.


9 thoughts on “6 impossible things

  1. Thank you, Stacy! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about how great our kids are!

    And Jordan, if you go and you want a roommate, email me!

  2. Oh, my. And I had just resigned myself to NOT going to BlogHer in SF this year. But that panel? Seriously? You guys are killing me. Now I need to rethink EVERYTHING!

    (And hooray for Avery!!!)

  3. My favorite is the hot chocolate! 😉 I am racing to the BlogHer site to enter to try to win the trip! It’s the only way I could go…and I am soooooo dying to go and meet you, Susan, Kristina, Vicki…and so many more!

  4. Isn’t it amazing, how we get from there to here? I’m just smiling like crazy over here, Jen…this is getting pretty exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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