Mamas making a difference

Michelle of DownBlogger has an idea for an online fund-raiser to help the adorable Parker.  She writes, “If a whole bunch of us created scrapbook pages, sets, or kits that could be sold on Ebay, we could send the Pages 4 Parker to a central disbursement person, who would ship them out as they sell. The pages could depict any event or milestone, from First Birthdays to Weddings, Baby Showers, Proms, First Steps, First Teeth, Ballet recitals, Karate, Baseball…the list is endless…just create a page that someone out there will want to buy, and allow us to send the profits to this precious child and help take some of the load off of his family.” 

Jessica of Raising Joey is donating 50% of her online Usborne book sales from now through June 10 to help Parker and Rhett, another amazing little boy facing serious medical challenges.  At my house, we’re big fans of Usborne books (what’s not to love?  The cute pig, the little duck, the “That’s Not My Monkey” which we’ve read maybe 1,000 times).  To shop, go here.

And Michelle of In the Life of a Child has links to many other opportunities to help Parker and Rhett, including one she’s created herself:  the chance to win one of four original stipple drawings, matted and framed, by making a $5 or greater donation.


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