“Road Map to Holland”

Mom24 of 4everMom is mom to 4 kids, ages 5 to adult, and she’s also a grandma.  She writes, “I remember when I was pregnant with number 4, we refused, with my doctor’s blessings, prenatal testing. However, I was the dreaded ‘AMA’, so she did encourage me to have a level 2 ultrasound to see how the baby was. During the ultrasound the doctor berated me for not having an amnio. I did not want one for several reasons. I do not like needles! More importantly, I was scared of the risk of miscarriage that accompanies amnios. I was extremely excited to be pregnant with number 4, after being told years before that we would never have more than 1, I did not want to take ANY chances. Also, I knew I could never choose to abort, so why go there? In some respects, that is a cowardice on my part. There’s also a measure of, ‘if I don’t know, I don’t have to deal with it.’  Anyway, this doctor made it very clear he felt we had made the wrong choice. He kept telling us over and over, if you refuse to do the amnio, I can’t guarantee you a healthy baby. Well, I have news for him, even with the amnio, he couldn’t guarantee us a healthy baby. There are no guarantees. Life just doesn’t work that way.”


One thought on ““Road Map to Holland”

  1. I was just going to let you know about her review, but I see you already found it 🙂

    How neat that she is the 50th blogger to post about your book!

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