Avery made a joke

In the kitchen this morning, Avery signed, thrirsty.  I asked, “Juice, or milk?” 

He pointed to the coffee maker.  Thinking he misunderstood me, I repeated his choices.  “Juice or milk??”

Again, he pointed to the coffee maker.  I looked at him and frowned.  “Avery!  What do you want to drink?”

He pointed to the coffee maker, then chuckled. 

“Cofffee?” I asked.  “Coffee?  You want a great big mug of coffee?” 

By now, I knew he was joking with me.  I went to him and hugged him, “Little boys don’t drink coffee!  No!”  He hugged me back, tightly, and we laughed and laughed together.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.  (That, and bacon.  Carter helped cook up a big batch.)

14 thoughts on “Avery made a joke

  1. What a lovely sense of humour. My son with Down syndrome is 22, and is becoming an accomplished punster. He started reading for pleasure at 20 when he discovered his sister’s joke book, and that a stash of two line jokes is a wonderful social asset for a young man who loves people. He now has a great collection of joke books that he buys himself. We often go out for coffee and I love it when he says “let me get it, Mum – my treat!” Whne he was 2, I would never have imagined these pleasures …..

  2. that’s lovely. Here the brats like to ‘help’ make the coffee … sometimes with disastrous results!
    PS I have finished Roadmap – it was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey as Avery’s Mum with the world!

  3. this really made me smile. livia’s favorite joke at the moment is to offer something to eat and pull it back so fast that one barely realises it was offered in the first place.

    by the way, i tagged you over at livia-the-great,

  4. awww the little jokester!!! My 13 year old son enjoys coffee now. Its nice to just sit and talk with him over our coffee!!!

  5. What?!?!? You mean I shouldn’t have been giving Rhett coffe in his morning feeds with the Pediasure?

    No wonder I can’t keep up with him!! 😉

    Thanks for making me giggle today.

    I just finished your book, AMAZING. I read it in one day.

    I wrote about it on my blog. All I can say is Thank You.


  6. Funny Avery!

    Abby really likes coffee cups. Not sure why, maybe just because they’re fun to grab away from me?

    and yum, bacon!

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