“Road Map to Holland”

Pam of Rhett’s Journey encouraged her library to order the book; it just came in and she read it quickly.  Pam and Andy are parents to one of the children I know with serious medical challenges.  For a long while, I’ve admired her strength and her spirit.  She is one of the moms I assumed had no trouble adjusting to life with a child with special needs.  In my mind, she took it all in stride, in her sunny, positive way–which is totally unfair! (I apologize, Pam!) So what she had to say about my book surprised me; she writes,”Road Map to Holland made me think of the emotions that I had pushed deep down inside. The ones that I wouldn’t allow myself to feel, or think. It brought them to the surface, and in a way, Jennifer’s words, and her experiences healed me, they healed me when I didn’t even think I needed to be healed.”

3 thoughts on ““Road Map to Holland”

  1. Jennifer, that quote from Pam doesn’t surprise me; she’s such a trouper. I finished your book last week and just posted a review on BEYOND Understanding. Thanks so much for all you do! K.

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