“At Home with Down Syndrome”

I love this essay!  Caitrin Nicol of The New Atlantis writes about everything from Italian Renaissance paintings to Sesame Street, discussing prenatal testing and abortion along the way.  (Her essay came to my attention because she includes, in her wide scope of consideration, Road Map to Holland as well books such as Gifts, Count Us In, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Common Threads, and You Will Dream New Dreams.)

To read “At Home with Down Syndrome,” go here.


5 thoughts on ““At Home with Down Syndrome”

  1. Oh. oh. All I can say is amen to that. Caitrin wrote what I feel, but haven’t had the words to say, especially the last sentence:

    people from whom to learn of hope and courage, of community and human worth, of the meaning of our limitations and of what it means to rise above them; and most of all, these are the people who remind us that life is a gift, in all shapes and sizes.

    Thank you Jennifer for inspiring that.

  2. Wow, that is one powerful piece of writing! Jennifer, you must be so proud to know that your book is having such a profound effect on so many families. Your voice is being heard by so many and shared by so many. It is truly inspiring.

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