Super Heroes

There’s a new Special Needs Mama column up at Literary Mama called “Special Needs Action Hero.” Which got me thinking about the Super Powers I wish I had–all the usual ones, like Super Strength and Super Speed and maybe extra arms, too. I’d like the ability to clone myself and maybe stretch really far like Elastigirl from The Incredibles.

While I’m at it, I’d like to be able to teleport from one place to another, like in Star Trek, and I’d also really like to be able to wiggle my nose like in Bewitched, and voila! My whole house is clean, or whatever.

But the one I want most of all is the Super Power to go back in time, like when Superman would fly super fast around the earth and then get a do-over. I’d use my do-overs often, but maybe not for what you might think. I wouldn’t change that moment in time when the twins were conceived. Or the sunny, early summer morning when my pregnancy ended early. Or the noisy, busy afternoon in the NICU when we got Avery’s diagnosis.

No, what I would change are moments like this: I would never have gone into the chapel and subjected Avery to the failed hearing test. I wouldn’t have taken Carter with me to the grocery store the day the bakery lady said horrible things to us. And I’d erase all the times when my actions, or words, didn’t reflect what I truly felt in my heart.


4 thoughts on “Super Heroes

  1. Ahhh, yes. The learning moments. I think I wasn’t clear in my original post…I’d still be there, and have all that happen, but without my kids. I wish I could spare them some of the things we’ve experienced: I know they need their own learning moments, but I wish they could come later.

  2. You know I have to agree with Special Needs Mama….I really wouldn’t want to change the learning experiences I have had. Like the day in the store when the little gril proclamied to her mom that my baby “looked funny.”

    As much as I was totally mortified that the mother and I just ducked our heads and ran away from each other, there have been many times in which I have had a similar thing happen, and I have thought back to that day and thought, no this time I will educate.

    Sometimes the mom’s don’t want to listen to what I have to say, but that’s okay, at least I know I tried.

    Now, if I had the power to super clean my house every day, and all of the energy that my 2 year old has, now we’re talking!! 😉

    Wonderful post. Thanks for making me think and reflect as always.


  3. THAT would be an awesome power to have. Or, the ability to freeze someone’s brain before they even think of horrible, hurtful, stupid things to say…I’d like that one!

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