“Book Review-Road Map to Holland”

Sue from My Party of 6 is a past and future librarian and mom to 4, including a child with Turner syndrome. In her review of my book, she writes, “And I can relate to so many of the emotions [Jennifer] describes. How to tell people that your child has been diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality. Who to tell? Feeling like you need to blurt it out to strangers and yet wanting to keep it close to your heart. Learning the differences in your child’s body and wondering if other people can see them too. Learning to love the child as just the child, not the child with a syndrome. Navigating the Early Intervention system and becoming an expert on child development – things you took for granted with your other child(ren). Fearing for your child’s future. Will the world accept him (or her)? Feeling guilty for so many things. And finally, settling into life as it is. Extra chromosomes, missing chromosomes. As mom and child, nothing more, nothing less.”


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