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More perspectives on Road Map…

Brenda of Dr. Brenda MD Medblog writes as both a medical professional and a mother who’s spent time in the NICU. Reading Road Map reminded her of the birth of her own twins, and she says, “I recommend it to … Continue reading

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What could I possibly have to say about Pinwheels? It’s over at ParentDish today.

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This week at ParentDish, I write about stereotypes, expectations, and learning with Avery.

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More moms reading Road Map

Jennifer recalls her experience with her baby’s capillary hemangioma, which a doctor casually referred to as a “birth defect” at Snapshot. She also writes about Road Map for this week’s “5 Minutes for Books” at 5 Minutes for Mom. (Go … Continue reading

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From ABILITY Magazine…

Correlations of Autistic Behaviors Shown in Children with Down Syndrome “In a continuation of his research looking at children with a co-diagnosis of both autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other well-known genetic disorders, Dr. Walter E. Kaufmann and colleagues recently … Continue reading

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A wrap-up, of sorts

There’s an old joke about a book critic who complained of a thick tome, “Characters are introduced, then quickly dropped!”  What was he critiquing?  A phone book. I feel that way, a little, about life here at Pinwheels. Characters are introduced, then … Continue reading

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Now we are 5, again.

Of course there’s more to say!  About the twins’ birthday, and Father’s Day, and dreams and wishes and ordinary summer colds.  All that (plus a blooming onion) at ParentDish.

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Fresh Rhubarb Cake 2 Ways

Rhubarb is one of those plants that seems to jump for joy with abundance: when you have rhubarb, you have a lot of it (I’m thinking here of zucchini, too, and the old joke about the only time you have … Continue reading

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Now we are 5

The twins turned 5 today, and I’m stunned, and happy and proud too, that so much time has passed, and that they’ve grown into the little people they are. We celebrated with a fresh rhubarb cake (Bennett’s request) and whipped … Continue reading

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It’s been a little more than 2 months since Road Map’s release; most of you, Pinwheels readers, have been with me through it all, even before the book was published, while I was still writing and then later, fretting, and … Continue reading

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Everyday miracles

Bob Denver (whom you might know as Gilligan of “Gilligan’s Island”) is on my mind, perhaps because the kids have fallen in love with a DVD from the library called “The Wackiest Wagon Train” (which I can not recommend!) featuring, … Continue reading

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“Amost unreadable. But that’s a compliment.”

Mmoon of Everything Happens for a Reason related to my story so much that it was difficult for her to read, at times. She writes, “I’m on page 37 of Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg. I’m sure … Continue reading

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More Road Map news…

Stacey’s review of Road Map to Holland was published at a great new website, Root & Sprout: where kids and parents grown together. From the site’s creators: “Here at Root & Sprout™, we believe the relationship between parent and child … Continue reading

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“Beyond FANTASTIC: Road Map to Holland”

Karen DeGroot Carter, author of the novel One Sister’s Song and of the blog BEYOND Understanding has written a review of my book that looks at some of the writerly elements (my use of repetition, and my references to books–especially … Continue reading

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“Reading Material”

Angie of Our Crazy Life is mom to 3 kids, which is why it took her a while to read my book. Otherwise, she says she would have “devoured it in a day or two.” She writes, “I definitely recommend … Continue reading

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