“Beyond FANTASTIC: Road Map to Holland”

Karen DeGroot Carter, author of the novel One Sister’s Song and of the blog BEYOND Understanding has written a review of my book that looks at some of the writerly elements (my use of repetition, and my references to books–especially children’s books–as a sort of touchstone), as well as the personal. She says, “The overall message I took from Jennifer’s writing is an immense sense of wonder and acceptance. This is a story of a woman who discovers her greatest joy is not to improve or push her loved ones to excel, but to realize she’s giving the greatest gift simply by teaching those she loves how to love. Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder—or a dramatic one if we’re really hard-headed—that THIS is what really matters. Or at least what ought to matter.”


3 thoughts on ““Beyond FANTASTIC: Road Map to Holland”

  1. Have to agree with everything she said. I loved all of your references to the children’s books–all favorites of mine–all of which brought a specific, personal image. I hope that my son will one day love all the books you referenced as much as my girls did.

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