More moms reading Road Map

Jennifer recalls her experience with her baby’s capillary hemangioma, which a doctor casually referred to as a “birth defect” at Snapshot. She also writes about Road Map for this week’s “5 Minutes for Books” at 5 Minutes for Mom. (Go there for a chance to win 1 of 3 signed copies.)

At Camp Homeschool, one mom writes from the very heart of the experience: she’s just learned that her unborn child has Down syndrome, and is in the middle of the process of sorting out what this information means to her and her family.

And Sally of Charlie’s World related especially to the part where I describe my thoughts on evaluations, which was a “goosebump moment” for her. She also writes, “I believe this is a ‘healing’ read, which is a strange claim, but I genuinely felt better after reading it. It’s deeply comforting to read the thoughts of someone grappling with the same problems, joys, emotional highs and lows and prejudices that you are. Especially when they are a little further down the road and their message is ultimately, one of hope.”


5 thoughts on “More moms reading Road Map

  1. Sorry, it’s supposed to say “When I flew through it the FIRST time,” Not Second!! My fingers aren’t typing as fast as my mind is thinking!

  2. You know, after reading your book the first time I put it on my wishlist for my mom, and she got it right before we went in for Rhett’s surgery. I just finished reading it the second time, and I got even more out of it than when I flew through it the second time.

    I must admit it was hard reading it sitting in the PICU listening to the same sounds that you describe in your book.

    So many memories, and yet I am finding more and more that Rhett is getting healthier, and we are on our road to being just an ordinary family soon.

    We are off of O2 during the day now, and he has a back pack for his feeding pump and bag, so he is basically a free man!

    I really cannot thank you enough for your book. There are no words for what it has done for me.

    Sending you lot’s of Loves, and Kisses from Rhett


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I just finished your book last night and I want to thank you for writing it. I LOVED it. My son was recently diagnosed with DS at 3 months old. I’ve started a blog about my experiences. I would love to have you add it to your list of fellow parents with wonderful children. I too have 3 boys and that’s why I’ve called my blog “Three’s a Charm”. Thank you again for your beautiful book. It’s books like yours and “Gifts” that make me so excited and pround to be the parent of a child with Down syndrome.
    Jen Varanini Sanchez

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