What could I possibly have to say about Pinwheels? It’s over at ParentDish today.


4 thoughts on “Pinwheels

  1. Another beautiful post, Jennifer! I adore the image of Avery asleep in your lap as you type (one handed?) away at the computer.

    I, too, forget that there are others who have not even thought about those in Holland…despite all the news exposure. It has become so much a part of my consciousness— as much as simply getting dressed each day.

  2. Jennifer, I just finished your book last week and now my husband is reading it too…LOVED it! I posted some comments about it on my blog:
    Our “21 Group” is reading it together…we are a group of about 20 families who all have a child with DS under the age of 5. Thank you for writing and getting your book published. Now we all have one more positive book for our library instead of all the dreary old information books that are too depressing to read. I could not put your book down until the last sentence was read!

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