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Heart moms

In my hands I have a stack of forms from the Kennedy Krieger Institute for their study on the incidence of AV canal in babies with Down syndrome.  There’s more to the story–it’s over at ParentDish.

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Letter from a mother to her parents

I received this from J., who agreed to allow me to reprint part of her letter, here: From time to time when people tell me what they think it must be like to raise a little guy like (my son), … Continue reading

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Flowers at the swings

If you’d like to honor Evan Kamida’s life, but can’t be at the memorial in person, you can do what I’m doing: I’m going to put flowers near a swingset here in Montana, take a picture, and post it with … Continue reading

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Learning love from baby Grace

There was a woman in the audience for Saturday’s NDSC workshop: I can see her clearly, she was sitting near the aisle toward the middle. She had dark, shoulder-length hair and in a nearby stroller was her baby. Before the … Continue reading

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Books, books, books

When I’m feeling all out of words, my very favorite thing to do is read. This morning, I’ve returned to an old favorite: Thirst, by Mary Oliver.

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Service for Evan Kamida

Here is the information on the services for Evan: Public viewing: Monday, July 28th 5 -7 pm Memorial: Tuesday, July 29th 11 am Cabot & Sons Mortuary 27 Chestnut St Pasadena, CA 91103 (626) 793-7159 In lieu of flowers, please … Continue reading

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My friend’s boy

Evan Kamida, July 30, 2000 – July 24, 2008 Friends, my name is Lee Goldstein, and I am posting this entry for the Kamida family. Evan suddenly and unexpectedly passed away this week. Feel free to contact me at my … Continue reading

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NDSC Boston, Saturday

The day dawned bright and early and Kathy and I worked more on our presentation, before attending a workshop by Susan Levine and Brian Skotko on sibling relationships. The talk was based on information they’ve gathered hosting workshops for kids–what … Continue reading

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NDSC Boston, Friday

My plane arrived late Thursday night, after delays due to bad weather. The airport was nearly deserted, and as I was walking toward baggage claim and the area for ground transportation, I passed a woman from a car service holding … Continue reading

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Different and the same

My conferences are over, and I have so many things to share, from each of them. But for now, what’s emerged as an overarching theme is the idea of “sameness.” The motto of the NDSC Conference in Boston was, “We’re … Continue reading

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Saying grace

This week’s ParentDish post is about all of you–were your ears burning?

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San Francisco, here I come!

On Friday, I’ll be signing books with Vicki Forman from 2-2:30 at the BlogHer Bookstore & Internet Cafe, which is across from Registration in the Westin’s Georgian Room–if you’ll be there too, stop by and say hi! Then Saturday, I’m … Continue reading

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Try this!

Susan and Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom have launched several new sister sites, including one called 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Tammy of Praying for Parker is the site’s fearless leader, and regular writers include Kim of Ramblings of … Continue reading

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Just home now…

from Boston, where this year’s National Down Syndrome Congress Convention was held. There is so much to share: so many memories, like meeting people from the Internet who always felt like old friends, but now they really do, since I … Continue reading

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To ask, or not to ask

Today at ParentDish–food for thought. I write about disability, and how we talk about it, and why it makes me uncomfortable.

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