More from Katie

Here’s more of Katie and her family’s story, including an update on Stephanie, her 25-year-old daughter with Down syndrome:

Stephanie is thriving. She is transitioning into independent living. At the end of last year she received a voucher for government subsidized housing and has a very cute apartment about 2 miles from our house. Since her youngest sister was a senior in high school last year, we were very busy with visiting colleges and preparing for graduation so we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to help Steph in this transition. This week she is going to be assessed and start a new program in our area that will help her with this transition.

She has a part time job at Sam’s Club (she’s been there over 6 years!) that she loves and she volunteers at the local Catholic Church in the preschool, preparing snack for the children 3 mornings a week. Most every Friday night, she goes out with friends and does various activities such as going to a play or a sporting event. One of her favorite things to do is to have her nails done; she gets extremely giggly when they scrub the bottom of her feet!

The “difficult” part is the same as it is for all of you with younger children; the “balancing” act we all do and with the fact that sometimes we forget that our child still needs extra help. There are still days where I would like to run away to a tropical island with my husband and isolate myself but this is also the case when dealing with my other children at times! Difficult can also be very rewarding!


One thought on “More from Katie

  1. Thanks for sharing more about Katie and Stephanie. Steph sounds like she is doing great and has a very full life. I think that for many of us with smaller children, one of our biggest hopes is that our kids will one day transition to independent living. We want our children to have a life of their own, to have a place in this world separate from family.

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