Another voice of experience

Laura, sister to Theresa, shared this with me:

I just finished reading Roadmap to Holland and enjoyed every bit of it! My 16-year-old sister has Down syndrome; your story is very similar to hers in the medical concerns she had as a baby, and more importantly the positive way Avery transformed your family.

I was only 6 when Theresa was born, so while I was aware that my parents were sad (about the diagnosis), my brothers and I were excited to have a new sibling. I’m sure you’ve heard this before and experienced it yourself, but one of the things I appreciate most about her is the way she’s brought my family together, and held us together so closely since the older 3 kids in my family have graduated from college and moved away.

Thank you for your perspective, Laura. And you’re correct–I too have experienced the same quality of bringing people together, in my own family.


One thought on “Another voice of experience

  1. I was just skimming through some of Roadmap (I like to pick bits to read randomly about once a week!) and there it was – the “Iloveyou” – I’d totally forgotten about it but I had a similar experience with Hannah only recently – so reading that part of your book made me smile all over again!!! Thanks.

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