San Francisco, here I come!

On Friday, I’ll be signing books with Vicki Forman from 2-2:30 at the BlogHer Bookstore & Internet Cafe, which is across from Registration in the Westin’s Georgian Room–if you’ll be there too, stop by and say hi!

Then Saturday, I’m part of the afternoon Break-Out Session #2 from 1:45-3 called, “MommyBlogging: Blogging About Our Children with Special Needs.” The whole weekend is filled with sessions that I’d love to attend–and there are at least 3 I’m sad to miss that occur right as we’re giving our presentation. I don’t suppose I can ask everyone to “hold that thought” as I dash about from room to room?

Ah, well. Life is about choices, and I feel very honored to be on a panel with such distinguished bloggers. I’ve just about recovered from my speechless-speech incident in Boston, and by Saturday, I’ll be ready to go.


10 thoughts on “San Francisco, here I come!

  1. I can’t believe I never saw you again after those brief seconds in the hall! I had to catch an early plane back and missed your session, but it was nice to meet you, however brief. You have such a gentle spirit.

  2. I was at the session and wanted to introduce myself but the session ran over and I was already late for a 3:00 appointment. The entire panel did a fab job and I thought you were very kind and graceful.

  3. Have a wonderful time! I’m so sad that I cannot be there! Please, please, please promise me you all (on the panel) will have a giant hug for me?? ANd include Kristen, and Jordan, too! xo

  4. Talk about jet-setting from one end of the country to the other! 🙂 I briefly considered going to BlogHer, but with it being the weekend after Boston I just couldn’t do it – I don’t like to fly and that would have been too much for me LOL Have fun!

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