Different and the same

My conferences are over, and I have so many things to share, from each of them. But for now, what’s emerged as an overarching theme is the idea of “sameness.” The motto of the NDSC Conference in Boston was, “We’re More Alike than Different,” and the “Mommyblogging: Writing About our Children with Special Needs” panel at BlogHer was inspired by Vicki Forman’s essay, “The Mother at the Swings,” which seeks out parenting common-ground.

All this had me remembering my first play group with Carter, and then my first special needs play group with Avery and Bennett. I write more about it this week at ParentDish.


4 thoughts on “Different and the same

  1. Jennifer, meeting you at BlogHer was incredibly meaningful — thank you, for taking the time to connect with another Montana gal and sharing your wisdom — on life and parenting. I’m tearing through your beautiful book, which my own mom and dad are impatiently waiting to read. I love it.

    Like the other women in this thread, I am so grateful for the connection.

  2. I have tried twice to reply on parent dish, I am not getting the confirmation email. 😦

    I wanted to say:

    There we find strength, we find solace, we find commonalities. But mostly, we find ourselves.

    And sometimes we get really lucky and find a friend.

  3. In the end, the diagnoses don’t matter. As E.M. Forster wrote “Only connect.” I am so grateful for our connection and the connections we have made with others.

    It’s a lifeline.

  4. Jennifer, I just read Vicki’s “Mother at the Swings” essay. The timing of this caught me off guard; I wrote about her current essay about mothering tribes on my blog the other day. Now here’s another gem. You and she are cut from the same cloth, aren’t you? K.

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