Learning love from baby Grace

There was a woman in the audience for Saturday’s NDSC workshop: I can see her clearly, she was sitting near the aisle toward the middle. She had dark, shoulder-length hair and in a nearby stroller was her baby. Before the presentation began, she mentioned she’d read Gifts, and was reading Road Map, and that the books had changed her life.

Later, we learned more about the baby, a little girl named Grace…who you can read about here.

I’m thinking about Grace’s mother today, and my friend Vicki. And I’m thinking about the power of words: what an awesome responsibility comes with it. Would I tell this new mother her choice was the right one, even as I mourn with my friend?

I would. I would tell her that love is the thing that wakes me up in the morning; love is what that pulls me down the stairs into the kitchen to spread the peanut butter on the toast and pour the juice into glasses. Love is what compels me to move through the moments of my day; sometimes, love is the only thing that makes sense.

Even when sadness overwhelms me, I can see love at the other side of it; it’s the reason life hurts. Because I love it so well.

This Lovely Life is the title of Vicki’s forthcoming book. I know she’d tell you the same thing.

I love you, Vicki, and I love Evan. And I always will.


4 thoughts on “Learning love from baby Grace

  1. Jennifer, a month later and I’m catching up here but this post really hits home. This and the reason for blogging. Loving and living and getting through it all with a little help from a lot of very special friends. Hugs from Denver. Hope your summer with your boys has been all you’d hoped for and more. K.

  2. What a beautiful thing to share, Jennifer. I keep thinking of you, wishing you were here, wishing we were all still together again. Sending you and your boys love.

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