Heart moms

In my hands I have a stack of forms from the Kennedy Krieger Institute for their study on the incidence of AV canal in babies with Down syndrome.  There’s more to the story–it’s over at ParentDish.

One thought on “Heart moms

  1. We live in Bethesda, Maryland, and have been using the resources at Kennedy Krieger now for about two years. We’ve been very happy: it’s a place that really seems to understand disability and, as important, speak comfortably to parents with special needs children.

    We ran through resources in the WDC area first: Georgetown and Children’s National Medical Center. Especially after some bad experiences at CNMC (little understanding of children with disabilities), we’ve landed at KKI. Our son has had multiple disabilities from an abrupt neurological event when he was one (ten years ago), and, while even KKI can’t come up with a diagnosis, they’ve done the most to help us understand the possible parameters of his disease (probably a type of basal ganglia disease in early research stages), and have helped us stabilize Robert with some appropriate treatments.

    There might be other people out there who’ve had other experiences, but I’m glad you’re able to work with them–you’re in good hands, I think.

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