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Harvest Bisque

for Vicki This is my favorite fall soup recipe; I got it from my sister-in-law Elizabeth years ago. The handwritten card fluttered down from the spice cabinet while I was unpacking, and I took it as a sign that it … Continue reading

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“How does it feel to be home again?” my mom asked, when I told her we’d returned to our little house by the lake. It feels like a dream, I told her. Or it feels as if our time on … Continue reading

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Looking back, saying goodbye

If this week’s ParentDish post were an album, it would be called “A Little More: The Greatest Hits,” and maybe people would abreviate it to “ALM’s Greatest Hits” and they might even include a few selections on a mixed tape, … Continue reading

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What not to say

I’ve been thinking about words, lately: sometimes they are hard to find, or seem inadequate, like they’re not enough. Occassionally, I’m asked about the right words to use with new parents of a baby with Down syndrome, and for me, … Continue reading

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Olympics, Special and otherwise

We’ve been watching the Olympics, the kids and I, especially Avery, which has gotten me thinking. I write more about it over at ParentDish.

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Surprises of the green kind

It’s just another day here at Pinwheels…no, wait! It’s not! It’s the day of our first frog! I write about it this week at ParentDish.

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The long-overdue BlogHer post

Way back when I began this blog (which is a subject that came up at BlogHer, when DID I begin Pinwheels, and I didn’t have a ready answer for the question, maybe I should add my archives, to which I … Continue reading

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More voices of experience

This is from S., who allowed me to reprint it here: I have a brother who has Down syndrome and I can’t even begin to tell you all the love, joy and laughter he has brought into not only my … Continue reading

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The words we choose

At the BlogHer panel in San Francisco, one of the women in the audience asked a question about using the word retarded. Frankly, I was surprised that it was even a part of the discussion: it seemed odd and jarring, … Continue reading

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