Olympics, Special and otherwise

We’ve been watching the Olympics, the kids and I, especially Avery, which has gotten me thinking. I write more about it over at ParentDish.

4 thoughts on “Olympics, Special and otherwise

  1. I’m missing your writing and hope all is well on the ranch. I’m also selfishly hoping you get to a place with wi-fi this week so that you post a little something here or anywhere really.

    I tried to call yesterday, didn’t leave a message though.

    thinking of you m’dear….

    xo xo xxx

  2. “It’s where you start, and how you finish, and what you make of the journey in between. ” AMEN!

    You always help me find new ways to make the journey in between so much richer. xo

  3. Hi there, I have emailed and attempted to call you today. I wanted to verify something with you. If you login today be sure to check your spam mail for my email, as I know sometimes they end up there for some reason or another.

    I have been thinking about you…

    E loves the Olympics and cheers too. She is also a fan of sitting too close to the television.

    xo xo xxxx

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