What not to say

I’ve been thinking about words, lately: sometimes they are hard to find, or seem inadequate, like they’re not enough. Occassionally, I’m asked about the right words to use with new parents of a baby with Down syndrome, and for me, it’s hard to answer. I think so much depends upon the parents, and your relationship with them. But as usual, I have more to say! It’s over at ParentDish.


11 thoughts on “What not to say

  1. One aquaintance used the perfect words when she found out our news. She approached me boldly and said, “I heard about your difficult blessing, you will make it all work.” Yes, difficult blessing was the right phrase during the pregnancy. There were so many unknowns. Now that he’s here (almost 3 weeks) he’s just the blessing part. The right words are hard to find and I’m finding they are always changing. The right words change daily according to my needs, worries, and ability to accept.

  2. Jennifer, I just found your blog and love it!! I ponder the same thing and the right words to use when talking to a new parent. Sometimes you have to find the right words for that specific person.

    It was great meeting you in Boston and I LOVED your book. I finished it on the flight home !!

  3. I think we all get choked with confusion at times, fortunately as the years roll over it becomes much easier to explain to those willing to listen.
    Best wishes

  4. wow, just read the column… it really struck home with me and your moment with your friend made me more than a little choked up… thank you for puting into words what i somtimes have a hard time identifying myself. it definately is a struggle… what to tell people, how to respond… sometimes i feel that i am explaining too much and then not enough. i’ve been trying to take my ‘blinders’ off as well and realize the world doesn’t revolve around my own issues :)!!

    thank you so much for writing what you do. our kiddos have different syndromes, but us parents have a common bond in what we do to heal and move forward.

  5. Jennifer, you are such an amazing and talented writer, I love your book, love your posts and always read this blog (sorry I didn’t comment before).
    Please let me know if you’ll be writing somewhere else. Wishing you and your family all the best~

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