Road Map in Italy

This beautiful image was sent to me by Connie Wenk. She writes, “As I sat on our balcony with your AMAZING book, enjoying it and my obligatory Italian cappuccino, my father-in-law’s Italian map was laying next to me on the table and voilà …. I found that play of words pretty cool: With Juliana in ITALY the roadmap to Holland.”


14 thoughts on “Road Map in Italy

  1. Beautiful picture!

    I have a 2 month old son, Dylan, with Down syndrome. My dad gave me this book about a week after Dylan was born. It is my bible. Thank you Jennifer, for sharing your life with us. Honestly, your book set the scene for how my life began with Dylan. After I finished reading, I KNEW that everything was going to be ok.


  2. Love the pics. About a month ago I requested your book at our small town local library, they called last Friday to let me know they purchased it and I could pick it up. Just finished it last nite, I really enjoyed it thank you for sharing your family with me:) My daughter, Sydney is 5 and just started Kindergarten, I feel soo blessed to have her in my life…it took me two weeks of feeling sorry for myself that my child wasnt “perfect” after her first open heart surgery she went into cardiac arrest and at that moment I decided I would rather have her with ds vs not having her at all, lifes been great since…
    Denise Pequignot
    NE Indiana

  3. You guys all gotta come and visit in Italy. You’ll LOVE it!!!! It’s such a beautiful country …. But what you’ll love the most are the Italians: they just treat (our) kids like rock stars, which – in fact – they are! 🙂

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