Many hands

Was anyone else hopelessly distracted by the amazingly cute baby Trig at the RNC?  I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and I especially loved that he was held throughout the night by so many sets of arms.

We let Carter stay up and watch (we also let him watch Obama’s Denver speech) and I was grateful that baby Trig was part of the evening.  It reminded me of the NDSC conference in Boston, where Down syndrome was a part of everyday life.  Carter noticed, too.  He said, “What a cute baby!”  And then later, when someone on television mentioned Down syndrome, Carter said, “Just like Avery!”


14 thoughts on “Many hands

  1. I felt the same way-he was passed from one loving set of arms to the next and I couldn’t help but think of the awareness that was being raised by his mere presence. He slept peacefully on and was blissfully unaware of all the attitudes and prejudices he was challenging–FABULOUS!!!

    I LOVED when Piper licked her hand and was trying to tame his fly-away baby hair! What complete cuties!

  2. I like how Trig’s older sister would lick her fingers and then run them across his hair, trying to get it to stay in place.

    At the end of the speech, when the family was on stage, my husband said, “I want the camera to show me more of that baby.” He isn’t very sentimental usually, but he was last night about Baby Trig.

  3. Trig stole the show!

    Such a wonderful moment seeing that sweet baby so loved, and being included in such a special night.

    Of course, best part of the evening was seeing his big sister lick her hand and fix his hair!

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