It’s Buddy Walk Time!

Thousands of people are walking together this month to raise awareness, build community, and provide support to children and families living with Down syndrome. To find a Buddy Walk near you, go here. And if you can’t make it to a Buddy Walk in person, here’s a video by my friend Kris, about her adorable son Jack:

View this montage created at One True Media
Buddy Walk Montage

5 thoughts on “It’s Buddy Walk Time!

  1. Jennifer-Thanks for sharing Jack’s little montage. I had fun putting it together. It is so timely that I read your book now (and keep revisiting it) as Jack’s second birthday is this Saturday 10/11. Someone recently asked me what it is like having a child with Ds. I would have given a totally different answer ten months ago when we were battling medical problem after medical problem. I would have said that I was hopeful that things would improve. Well they have improved tremendously as everyone told me they would. Jack has grown stronger and healthier and we are all so relieved he is doing so well. Now, I’d have to say that having Jack is sort of like having a gift that you get to open each day to a new surprise. We aren’t finished with all of the medical challenges, but we are grateful that he is so much stronger and can handle them better. I’m really glad that I’ve been blessed with him. He and his sister are the center of my world.

  2. Jack is so handsome!!!. Thank you so much for sharing his lovely video Jennifer. I LOVE and fully support the message!!!. 😀 😀 😀

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