Another book to share!

Stacy and Michelle Tetschner have put together a collection of writing by parents and grandparents about the love and joy children with Down syndrome bring to our lives.  Windows Into Heaven–Stories Celebrating Down Syndrome is just that:  30 personal family recollections with a positive spin (except my contribution about Avery, in which I grumble a bit about how I didn’t feel ready to be his mom, though of course I come around in the end.)

The book includes writing from moms and dads and even grandparents about babies/children/young adults/adults with Down syndrome.  Some of my favorite parts of the book are when families share stories about kids older than mine, because it’s fun for me to imagine all the possibilites the future holds.

I have a copy to share!  If you’re interested, leave your name in the comments and Mr. Avery will chose a winner next week.

UPDATED TO ADD: And the winner is Stacy W.! Congratulations!


19 thoughts on “Another book to share!

  1. I would like to be included! Thanks!

    Thanks for you comment on our blog, too – we appreciate it very much! Your book and your blog have been so encouraging – I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate your sharing your story with us.

  2. I have it! They are wonderful friends of ours – and if you look close, you can see Matthew on the front cover – twice and I have another photo on there too!!!!
    I’ve been super busy, but have been reading, Jennifer! I read your book and absolutely loved it like I do all your writing! Found myself, like usual, nodding my head in agreement. Our situations are so different – you with 2 babies at once, me with one – you out in the country, me in the big city – me with a large DS group that we met before Matthew was even born, and you meeting support along the way – but our experiences are quite the same also. And I just love that!
    Any whoo!!!!! Just had to pop in and say all that! 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Count me in too… I mentioned your book on my blog a few posts ago…post #14 I think, for Down syndrome Awareness Month… about “Great Books on Down syndrome”. I am hoping the list of books would be helpful for new moms :).

    I enjoy your blog, I have been here many times but not commented until now…and loved your book!!! 🙂


  4. thanks so much for your generosity, jennifer. i would love to read this! i have an 18-month old little boy with DS who i love more than life itself. and i adore reading stories of other families who feel the same way!

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