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We’re off! In more ways than one!

When the kids were little, we used to make and wear turkey hats, gobbling around the house in an event that’s come to be known as “The Running of the Turkeys.”  Now that the kids are getting older, no one … Continue reading

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Oh, help me.

I did it again. I turned the laundry blue. Laundry is a theme in my life, you know this already if you’ve read Road Map (all the diapers!) or ParentDish (the clothes line! meet me at the clothes line!).  It’s a … Continue reading

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Free stuff

Today is a link-y kind of a day:  I have a copy of a wonderful book to share over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs, and I’m giving away free advice (oh joy!) at AlphaMom.

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On comparing

Bennett: I’m very fond of Avery. (This is Bennett’s new favorite expression. He’s very fond of many things–Bailey and applesauce with cinnamon sugar on top and Scooby-Doo and leaves, raked into a pile, for jumping in.) Me: I’m very fond … Continue reading

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Bailey and his long-lost brother…

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More free Road Maps!

Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes has 3 autographed copies of my book to share.  We met at the NDSC and you can see a picture of us there, me wearing my only good dress, which I later realized is an optical … Continue reading

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Housekeeping, here at Pinwheels…

Back when I started blogging, which was maybe two years ago, there was a blog called Always Chaos, written by the amazing Rebecca. I loved 3 things about this blog: Rebecca’s complete honesty, her beautiful photographs, and her blogroll. For a … Continue reading

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