Housekeeping, here at Pinwheels…

Back when I started blogging, which was maybe two years ago, there was a blog called Always Chaos, written by the amazing Rebecca. I loved 3 things about this blog: Rebecca’s complete honesty, her beautiful photographs, and her blogroll. For a long time, Rebecca was the “keeper of the DS blogroll” (well not really, I just made up that title and gave it to her now.) She kept us all connected, and was usually the first to comment on a new blogger’s initial posts. And I know lots of people noticed, and appreciated her, and even thanked her for it, but it never hurts to say thank you.  I’ll say it again…thank you!

So when she closed down her blog, she’d send me links when she found them. Places where there were interesting stories about DS, or links to new bloggers just beginning their journeys. I always posted the links here, and added the new bloggers to my blogroll.

But, with one thing or another, her emails to me about blogging matters grew less and less frequent, and my updates to my blogroll came less and less often. Which isn’t a bad thing: there are now lots of places on the web where moms and dads and grandparents are talking about life with Down syndrome. And keeping up with it all is a challenge–of course, a challenge in a good way.

And I’m here to ask for your help: if you’re a new blogger who’d like to be included, or if you know someone who would like to be on the list, let me know? I’ll update my blogroll at the end of the week, because really? I love looking over to the right, and seeing it. It’s why I keep the blogroll going, always on the main page. There are so many of us, so very many, living our lives, loving our kids. For me, it’s powerful. And proof–wherever you are, you’re not alone.


16 thoughts on “Housekeeping, here at Pinwheels…

  1. Would LOVE to be on your roll. And by the way, while I have you for a quick moment, really enjoyed your book. Our twin boys are going to be 3 yrs old next month. Reading your book was like reliving every moment. We summer in Montana and hope our paths someday cross. Much love to your family from ours.

  2. You can add us to your blogroll. We have found a lot of support in the blogs especially after finding out our little one had ds. BTW….I enjoyed your book! It is still being passed around to all my friends!

  3. Jennifer, I came to you after reading your writing in “Gifts”, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Once I looked around your blog and realized what the blogroll was I was AMAZED! When my daughter was born I’d never felt so alone–like our family had become this wierd little island that i knew nothing about and didn’t really want to stay on. But that all started to change when I realized how NOT ALONE we were and you were instumental in showing me that. THANK YOU so much for that and for the continuing inspiration that your blogroll is.
    jen hollett

  4. You have been the official keeper of the blogroll for some time now. I have become your blog visitor, relying on you for the links to the Ds community.

    I’m so glad you are here!

    all my love….

  5. I too loved Always Chaos – Rebecca and her blogroll was my first entree into the DSonline community. It is great that you can now be officially known as the ‘Keeper of the Blogroll’. Thanks Jennifer.

  6. Thanks Jennifer, you have definitely become the new “keeper of the Ds blogroll.” I have been introduced to many interesting families by randomly clicking through your sidebar!

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