We’re off! In more ways than one!

When the kids were little, we used to make and wear turkey hats, gobbling around the house in an event that’s come to be known as “The Running of the Turkeys.”  Now that the kids are getting older, no one seems as interested in this part of the holiday, except the grown-ups.  Which means it’ll be me and Tom running around in Turkey Hats.  Is that what good parents do, or are we just big turkeys?


While I’m thinking that through, I’ll share with you these, my Thanksgiving answers:

1)  Absolutely

2)  Both

3)  It was like that when we found it.

4) Family, frends, and you!

 And the questions?

1)  Is it okay to eat pie for breakfast?

2)  White meat or dark meat?

3)  Who broke the wishbone?

4)  What am I most thankful for?


11 thoughts on “We’re off! In more ways than one!

  1. Hi! Well, I’m thankful that I found this blog. I’m an editor at a magazine, I’d heard about your book when it came out. Then I started a blog of my own about life with my son, Max, who has mild cerebral palsy and is nonverbal, and started staying up till all hours of the night roaming around the web, looking at other blogs. Found yours! It’s nice to be here. Adding you to blogroll.

  2. Ha! This reminded me of the card I wrote to my grandparents when I was a kid that read, “Happy Thanksgiving, you turkeys!” We say it to each other every year and they always pull the card out when I’m with them on Thanksgiving. I hope you turkeys have a wonderful trip and a fun holiday!

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