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Not my best parenting moment

It was some time late at night, or early in the morning (who can tell which is which) when I heard the sound of Bennett near me, in the dark, sniffling back tears. “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, scooping him … Continue reading

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It’s like living inside a snow globe

The snow keeps falling and falling and the boys are full of wonder, and questions: Why are they called flakes? How long will it stay? Where does it come from? I try to explain storm clouds gathering over the ocean, … Continue reading

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Up, down, all around

When everything is so exciting you can’t sit still. When life is so full you think you might burst. When your greatest dreams come true, multiplied. When it’s Christmas, and you’re 4.

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Just, yum!

If you were to stop by my house today, you might think I’ve lost my mind. You’d wonder about this because of the state of my kitchen, which looks like it exploded. It all started with my friend Phyllis and … Continue reading

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Think of it as a bookmark in my life

Disclaimer:  This is a very disorganized post about reading, learning to teach reading, Avery, potty training, excellent books, synchronicity, and some especially sweet moments I don’t want to forget.  Here we go! Several months ago I received an email from … Continue reading

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Lots to share

Free books here. More free books here. An opportunity for kindness here. And I have more to write!  But it will have to wait, because as Bennett has been saying of every house but ours, “Someone is in the holiday … Continue reading

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