Lots to share

Free books here.

More free books here.

An opportunity for kindness here.

And I have more to write!  But it will have to wait, because as Bennett has been saying of every house but ours, “Someone is in the holiday spirit!”  Time for me to get into the holiday spirit, too.

I’ll leave you with this, what I’ve been pondering lately:  white lights, or colored?


16 thoughts on “Lots to share

  1. I love the clean look of white lights but my children have insisted on the colored lights (the new LED have amazing color to them) so that is what we use. Have Carter, Bennett and Avery expressed any opinions? When in doubt I say let the children decide…

  2. I’m all about the white lights, because as Melissa said above, it reminds me of candlelight. And then loads of colorful decorations! Enjoy getting into the holiday spirit with those sweet boys of yours. (And I love the new blog banner, too!)

  3. Ooh, that’s a tough one. I like white lights outside but *definitely* colored on the tree! And the tree lights should blink, too.

    Love the new header, too.

  4. I love white lights. Their light is so warm.

    However, I have noticed houses in my neighborhood with the big, chunky colored lights from my childhood – and I have to say, the sight made me very, very happy.

    What a fun dilemma to ponder…

  5. I can’t wait to hear more…and my vote is for clear lights with lots of colourful decorations! Also, I wanted to say that the book giveaways are amazing by amazing women! Truly, we are all blessed because of our beautiful children!

  6. I say go with clear/white and make the other decorations really colorful! In my opinion, the only cool multi-colored lights are the funky big ones you can’t seem to get anymore. 🙂

  7. (Love the new header, by the way!) And colored lights. It’s so retro and comforting…I’d even go for those great big ones we used to have when we were kids if I could find them. The white light trend is lovely, but to me it says, “there are no children in this house.”

    Just my thoughts.

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