Up, down, all around


When everything is so exciting you can’t sit still.
When life is so full you think you might burst.
When your greatest dreams come true, multiplied.
When it’s Christmas, and you’re 4.


8 thoughts on “Up, down, all around

  1. Your kids are adorable! My little Emily was born on Oct 29th and she too has Down Syndrome. I started reading your book about 2 days ago and I am almost done (Don’t know how I find time). It is so inspiring and exactly what has been going through my mind…just about everything you say and feel in the book is what I feel right now. Thanks for the book!

  2. Ha! The first thing I thought when I saw that was, “Is that LYLE?” because my 4-year old’s face looks exactly like those excited faces every minute right now! What a fabulous photo. Enjoy your Christmas together.

  3. I LOVE to see a picture of Avery and Bennett in action!!!, we can all learn from them and be as joyful as they are. Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your beautiful boys. XO 😀

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